Any of our Board Members can be contacted from the links on the images below, or click on their names to read their biographies.

Charles Nevin

Chair & Treasurer

Chair and Treasurer of Police Chaplaincy UK and Lead Chaplain for Greater Manchester Police

Cheshire, England

0161 485 3397 0161 485 3397

David Wilbraham MBE

National Police Chaplain

National Police Chaplain

Oxfordshire, England

07973 367 786 07973 367 786

Adrian Gatrill

Training Officer

Training Officer and Lead Chaplain for Durham Constabulary

Durham, England

07831 612018 07831 612018

Dom Jones

Communications Officer

Lead Chaplain for Hampshire Constabulary and Communications Officer for Police Chaplaincy UK

Hampshire, England

07818 578 986 07818 578 986

Helen Arnold

Recruitment Officer

Recruitment Officer for Police Chaplaincy UK and Lead Chaplain for Thames Valley Police

Oxford, England

07815 553 884 07815 553 884

John Butcher BEM

Board Member

Lead Chaplain for West Midlands Police and Board Member

West Midlands, England

07814 573067 07814 573067

Rachel Borgars


Chaplain For Hampshire Constabulary and Secretary for PCUK

Hampshire, England

01256 895 878 01256 895 878

Viv Baldwin

Board Member

Lead Chaplain for Central Motorway Police Group West Midlands and Board Member

Northamptonshire, England

07720 811 477 07720 811 477

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Police Chaplaincy UK is a registered Charity, number 1190186.

We have no full-time staff or office, but you may get in touch with us through any of the individuals named in "Contact Us".


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