Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney, National Police Chiefs Council Lead for Police Chaplaincy to leave in Spring 2023

O PinkneyChief Constable Olivia Pinkney, National Police Chiefs Council Lead for Police Chaplaincy has announced she will leave policing in Spring 2023. CC Pinkney is a great supporter and advocate for police chaplaincy and has been our voice at a national level for some time now. We hold Olivia in our thoughts and prayers over these next few months and will continue to work with her as our NPCC link until the Spring.

Dear colleagues (partners and police family) 

Back in late June, I made the personal decision to leave policing in the spring of 2023. The Police and Crime Commissioner, Donna, and I have built great trust and have under way so many plans we want to achieve between our respective roles. Therefore, I am very grateful to Donna for her time, understanding and support. 

My decision comes from a positive place, taking some time away from public service, starting with some academic study. What the future holds beyond that I do not know, but my heart remains rooted in public service. By the time I leave, I will have served as Chief Constable for seven years and every day since I have witnessed the brilliance of those I have been lucky enough to serve with. Even on the darkest days, people step up and bring light. They try to do the right thing. Going the extra mile, sticking to their values, and putting the public first. 

Every day, I hear from members of the public how acts of quiet brilliance, unbelievable bravery and commitment make a difference to their lives. As a monopoly public serve, policing relies upon their trust and I know that Hampshire Constabulary has the trust of our communities. We have achieved so much together and I am prouder than I can say of our Service and of our work alongside you and myriad partners. 

It is important to me that the force has the best possible transition, so when I return in mid-December from three months leading the national Executive programme for UK policing, my focus will be on preparing for that transition, picking up the reins from the excellent Ben Snuggs who will be Acting Chief for the three months of my absence. 

So this is far from my farewell – there remains much to do to help keep our communities safe and my commitment to our work remains absolute. But it feels right and fair that you should hear my longer term plans now. From me, rather than on the grapevine or from anyone else. 

Best wishes, 


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