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We are now in a position to be able to offer Continuing Professional Development [CPD] to Police Chaplains. The course is offered using the latest developments in distance learning and is supported by an experienced team of tutors, guest speakers and mentors as well as drawing on the shared experience of students through smaller study groups.

The initial module [worth 40 learning points] will take the themes of current Induction Course and develop these in greater depth and understanding. Successful completion of this module will lead to the award of a University Certificate; Completion of one of two further modules, [each worth 20 learning points] will result in the award of a Post Graduate Certificate. The choice of these two modules will be either The Impact of Trauma or Multi-faith engagement. Those who wish can then progress through three further modules [each worth 20 learning points] completion of which will give the award of a Post Graduate Diploma. For those wishing to continue the final stage would be a supported and supervised thesis module [worth 60 learning points] and the award of an MA in Police Chaplaincy.

The modules at the diploma stage will be designed to be of relevance to various contexts and include modules such as ‘managing volunteers’ etc so it has attraction to volunteer Police Chaplains who may not wish to be solely Police focused.

At least 10 students are needed to make it viable for the University to run the programme and ensure maximum benefit is gained by those studying. The cost of the initial 40 credits is c. £1,200. [Depending on numbers this may be reduced] The cost of the top up 20 credits to get the PGcert is £600. The cost of the PGDip is c.£1800 and the third year to get the MA is c.£1800. This makes is total cost for a masters at £5,400, which is outstanding value as as masters usually costs £7,500. Students can usually pay in 6 instalments across an academic year.

The initial 40 credits will be completed in the 1st year, with the top up to the PGcert and the 60 credits for the PGDip completed over the following 12 months. The project will then be completed over the third 12 months. 

We hope to start the programme in November but the University would like to get people enrolled by end of October as it allows them to establish contracts for staff leading the programme.

This link will take you to the online brochure and enrolment page Police Chaplaincy CPD

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