Fish On Fridays


Sometimes we all need time away from the demands of our work.

Fish on Fridays started as a dial-in for people to listen to a light-hearted, reflection on the mood and events of the week from one of our Force Chaplains in Thames Valley Police.

The aim is to encourage us all to enjoy a short wellbeing break, and take time to focus on something non-work and non-Covid related. They are non-religious, so anyone can listen in.

We have recently migrated to MS Teams for 2021, so we can now see each other too, even if it’s a bad hair day. After all, we are in this together! It is important not to feel isolated, especially working at home, so this is a great opportunity to connect with others across the force.

Some of the previous titles include:

Analysis paralysis

Over the hedge

Beards on Zoom

Give peas a chance


Stop the world I want to get off


Did you know?

Traditionally Friday was a day when we refrained from eating meat. The fish was a symbol of the early Christians so they could easily identify each other. Friday is also a special day of prayers for Muslims. Today many of us still enjoy fish ‘n’ chips for lunch on Friday, as served at Sulhamstead, as an end-of-the-week treat. I’m ordering mine from my local pub who sell it through the window during lockdown!

Helen Arnold,  Lead Chaplain

Writing from Thames Valley. (Enough flooding for fish here at the moment! )

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Police Chaplaincy During Lockdown

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