Inter Faith Week 14-21 November 2021 #InterFaithWeek

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Inter Faith Week is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the role of faith and belief in local, regional and national life and highlight the overwhelmingly good relations between people of different faiths and beliefs.

Each year, many Police Forces take part in the Week, creating opportunities for learning about different faiths and beliefs, building understanding, and strengthening links with the wider community. The Week is also an excellent opportunity to showcase the work of police chaplains and they work they do with people of all faiths and beliefs.

COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease for most at this time and the hope is that this will continue. What last year taught us, however, was the amazing potential of online communication, with nearly 73% of activities being held online or having a strong virtual component.

The Week has been getting bigger every year and it is a great opportunity for police chaplains to:

  • highlight chaplaincies’ important work to support  officers and staff of all faiths and beliefs in their working lives
  • showcase the good inter faith engagement and the relations that the police help foster through their community engagement
  • tackle misunderstanding and prejudice and to encourage a united response to hate crime
  • create opportunities for officers and staff to learn more about some of the faith communities and belief groups within the community they serve, such as through visits to places of worship

You can find out how to join in, download resources and register events at the interfaith website  

Inter Faith Week begins annually on Remembrance Sunday, something in which all police forces are involved at all levels, especially chaplains. This is so that people of different backgrounds can remember together those of all faiths and beliefs who have served their country in whatever capacity and also consider themes of peace and reconciliation.

If you arrange an event – whether an internal or public one – please do register it on the Inter Faith Week website.

Social media and branding

The Inter Faith Week flyer, poster, logo and other branding materials can be found on the Interfaith Week website. Please use #InterFaithWeek on posts about the Week, tagging @ifweek on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


If you would like to discuss your plans or explore ideas further, please email David Hampshire from Interfaith who will be happy to assist. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Inter Faith Week takes place in England, Northern Ireland and Wales, led by the Inter Faith Network for the UK. It leads the Week in discussion with the Northern Ireland Inter-Faith Forum and the Inter-faith Council for Wales/ Cyngor Rhyngffydd Cymru.

For Police Scotland, Scottish Interfaith Week this year is taking place from 31 October to 7 November, coinciding with COP26.  Further information can be found by going to the Interfaith Scotland website. It is led by Interfaith Scotland.

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