Police Chaplaincies and Inter Faith Week 2021

Inter Faith Week 2021 2021 will take place in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland from Sunday 14 to Sunday 21 November.

An ever-growing array of organisations participate, from faith groups and schools to sports organisations, local authorities, statutory services, cultural institutions, hospitals, and hospices.

The Week is a tremendous opportunity for police chaplaincies to develop good relations between and celebrate the diverse faiths and beliefs represented among police staff.

Below are a few activity ideas that police chaplaincies may be interested to consider for Inter Faith Week this year. These draw on successful activities held by chaplaincies in recent times. Most can be adapted, if needed, to be fully or partly virtual.

  • Hold an Inter Faith Week event where staff from your chaplaincy team and police staff contribute through readings and music from a variety of faiths and belief traditions
  • Arrange a “faith fair” at one of the stations in your Force area with representatives of different religions and belief traditions having “stalls” which staff can visit to learn more
  • Create an exhibition about different faiths and beliefs to display at Police HQ or a designated station
  • Give staff an opportunity to share an aspect of their faith or belief that is important to them, perhaps using a story or object to help, at a discussion group
  • Give staff the opportunity to visit places of worship to learn about the communities that they serve
  • Create and fly an Inter Faith Week flag based on the downloadable logo
  • Write an Inter Faith Week piece for your Force’s newsletter or bulletin about how your chaplaincy works to support staff of all faiths and beliefs
  • Produce a series of posts for your social media to introduce the members of your chaplaincy team and explore what "inter faith" means to them

You can find further ideas for police forces here

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